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Construction Services


Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) is a project delivery method where the client brings the Kalterra team on-board early in the process. As Construction Manager, our team works shoulder to shoulder with the client and design team to assure the project scope matches the established budget, that the level of quality is maintained, and that the project will be completed on-time. Working as a team fosters collaboration and focuses the entire team on finding the best solutions for the client’s construction project. To assure the client gets the best value for their budget we coordinate all subcontractor bids and determine a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for construction. Once the GMP is established the Kalterra team serves as the general contractor providing construction services.

Our Construction Management team provides project planning and administration to each community by acting as the agent for large, multifaceted construction projects requiring experience and in-depth knowledge of construction methods to cure deficient existing conditions. We bring an unbiased perspective that allows us to work proactively with the owner and contractors to rapidly and effectively resolve the issues that inevitably arise in any complex construction project. By handling the day-to-day details, we relieve the owner of distractions and worries and allow them to make informed decisions.



Under the standard Construction Manager as Agent (CMAA) delivery program, Kalterra acts as a first party manager to the owner and a third party manager of the construction process. This delivery method utilizes an open book approach, where owners have access to all of our project documents and are made aware of aesthetic, schedule and cost trade-offs before making program and design decisions. Owners have the opportunity to be involved at each stage of the process from pre-construction and trade contractor selection through construction and closeout. As a CM as Agent, we are typically brought on board to help with projects where a contractor has not been selected or started the project. We simply work as a direct arm and agent for the owner to verify and oversee all aspects of the project. Our clients are primarily from out of town and/or a group of owners looking for a local representative with extensive construction knowledge who can look after and manage scope as well as the full program.

Our experience engaging and managing third party Design Professionals ensures all information compiled in the Planning stage reflects each stakeholders vision of the final product. Directing the Design Team during the development of the conceptual and schematic design allows value engineering to be conducted earlier in the design phase reducing the time and cost to produce all necessary construction documents. We are then able to use the synergies between the design and execution teams to complete the project more effectively than traditional design/bid/build project delivery methods.



In the Construction Manager as Advisor (CMA) project delivery method, also known as pure construction management, Kalterra acts as an extension of the owner’s staff and the general contractor role is eliminated. In this scenario the owner, rather than the GC or construction manager at risk, holds all subcontracts. Essentially, each subcontractor becomes a prime contractor and is responsible for cost, schedule, quality and safety on the project. Kalterra oversees these tasks on the role as a consultant as well as competitively bids the different elements of construction to trade contractors or subcontractors, such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, framing, etc.